Extremely Loud Noise on Startup


Oct 1, 2009
Hey all,

For some reason when I start-up my PC my XFX Radeon 1GB 4870 makes a terribly loud vibrating / grinding noise. I know that cards push to 100% when they are booted, but I don't believe this is the cause, because after the card quiets down I can put fan speed at 100% and it does not make the grinding / vibrating noise. The noise typically goes away after about 5 minutes, sometimes more. During start-up, as a test, I lightly tapped the GPU fan to interrupt it and the noise went away completely. I know that cannot be good for my hardware, so I cant' realistically do that each time I start-up my PC. Does anyone know what's going on or how I can fix it?
I've had that before in other fans. When they are cold they make a funny noise, grinding or friction sounding noise. Once they warm up they are ok. It might be the bearings in the fan or whatever is in there. As long as it still spins you should be fine. Just remember that XFX has a life time warranty. Worst case is you have to use it.