[SOLVED] Extremely low frame rates when running 32 bit games.

Jan 21, 2020
So I have been trying to play Saints Row 3 on my WIN 10 computer.

Specs :
Intel I7-8750H
Nvidia GTX 1070
16 gb RAM

Whenever I open Saints Row from steam Im asked to choose Direct X 10 or 11 or Direct X 9. Of course I ve tried both but have the exact same result. My frame rates cap at 4 FPS! 4! Making the game unplayable. This isnt the only game, with this problem, CSGO Source, Day of Defeat, and other games like that. Being that this affects all the 32 bit games i play and does not ramp up, it starts from the load screens at 4 FPS and lag isnt even funny it takes sometimes several seconds for a click or mouse movement to trigger. Not only have I tried Windowed mode and turning off Steam Overlay, I still have the problem, Im pretty sure its a driver issue. Is there a Driver I forgot to install? What do you wonderful people think the problem is? Anyway thank you in advanced and have a good week.