Question Extremely Slow Load at BIOS Screen

Sep 28, 2019
Hey fellas, so i've just started having this issue a day ago, after i updated my BIOS.
There were no errors or something pointing to this mess.

I'm having around 50-70 seconds of load time at my MSI BIOS screen, which i never had before.
I attempted to re-seat CMOS, also BIOS reset with jumpers - didn't help.
Re-seated my RAM and most of the components in general, check for loose ends and everything i could come up with.

IMPORTANT: On a note, 1 out of 10 times when i power up the PC it shut downs at the bios screen. But if it goes ON everything is fine, no bad performance , even better after clean install on everything BIOS, OS, etc.

I'm kinda clueless what I can do and its really bothering me, I'm not sure if its actually a relevant problem with the fact on rare occasions it shut downs at the BIOS load screen.
Tried to power it up without any USB devices plugged in, same - 60-70 secs, but when the window screen pops up it takes like 2 secs tops to load up.

IMPORTANT: Also when i check up the BIOS boot time in task managed its 10 seconds, which leaves me even more puzzled what's going on...? Checked for drive errors and such - all clean.

Should i try to re-plug SATA cables again? Did i somehow exhausted the life of my motherboard after the BIOS update? But it's rather not logical since everything is completely fine after it boots up.

I'm open to any suggestions you have, its buzzing me a lot.

Motherboard: MSI B85M-Gaming
CPU: i5-4690K
RAM: x2 8GB HyperX
PSU: Corsair 550W Gold
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
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Series for your Corsair PSU? Which BIOS did you update to and how did you update the BIOS? Manually using a thumb drive? Also, you forgot to mention the OS you're working with. If it's Windows 10, which version are you on right now?

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Sep 28, 2019
Excuse me,
Windows 10 Pro 64,
I Used a drive for BIOS update, downloaded from the official MSI site under support for my motherboard.
And the PSU is "Corsair CX Series CX550 550W Bronze (CP-9020121)" My bad on the gold part.

Pretty regular BIOS update,
MSI even had instructions how to do it if you don't know.

Made the drive, flashed from BIOS settings. Reset CMOS so i had fresh settings, did out the battery as well.
After that i just installed fresh copy of Win 10 as mentioned above.
To be more precise version is: " Build 18362" for Windows.

Also i scanned drives/defragmented.
To mention as well, Im using 120GB SATA Samsung 850 EVO as OS Drive and WD Red 1TB