Extremely slow power up (actual power up not 'boot' time)


Feb 25, 2010

I have a pc which is taking extreme amounts of time (anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 days) to actually 'power up' after pressing the on button.

This first happened only when electricity supply was removed for any amount of time EG: if it was unplugged from wall then it would take a couple hours for it to power up the first time after reconnection but you could shut down (through windows menu) and it would start immediately the next time you pressed ON.

After a few months it started to happen without having been unplugged, If it was put in sleep or hibernate it would restart fine but if shutdown from windows menu then it was anyones guess how long it would take to power up once you press the on button.

By power up time i mean the time between pressing the on button and the motherboard 'lighting up', fans starting etc (eg: I am not talking boot time for windows but actual power on time)

The problems been getting worse (taking longer to power up each time) so far we have checked every cable (repeatedly) in case one was loose, installed a new power supply (removed generic 750w for Thermaltake EVO blue 750w) but problem is still there.

Motherboard is a GA-EP35-DS3

If it helps any the power lights on the drives etc are on at all times so theres power going to the board.

any help would be much appreciated.