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Question Extremely weird graphical bug...

Feb 6, 2020

Hello everyone,

Since a few weeks, my gaming computer is bugging like never before. And after days and days of testing and fixing stuff I can't find the source of the problem.

It all started with my games freezing on a glitched frame, after a few minutes of playing them, like so : View: https://imgur.com/3McAtFf

(at that time I was playing "Control" "Outer World" "We Happy Few" "Dishonored 2" "Tacoma" "Mutant : Year Zero")
Sometimes it was followed by the computer restarting, sometimes it stayed that way till I pressed the restart button myself.

I immediatly thought of a GPU issue, and checked if it wasn't overheating. But everything was fine.
(Important info: I've replaced the original fans from the GPU with a watercooling system a year ago).

My Rig :
Motherboard: ASUS Z97M PLUS
CPU : Intel core i7 - 4790K LGA 1150, 4GHz 8MB
COOLING : Noctua NH-U 125. 120mm U-Type Tower cooler
GPU : GTX 1070 Ti MSI Aero - watercooled with NZXT Kraken G12 + CorsairHydro Series H55
RAM : Ballistix Crucial DDR3 1600, 2x8GB
SSD : Samsung 850 Pro 256GB (system)
Samsung 840 PRO 512GB (game folders)
HDD : WD Black 3.5" 1To 7200RPM
SCREEN : DELL 21:9 3440x1440
OS : Windows 10 - All drivers up to date.

I tried playing with less demanding games, like Minecraft (bedrock edition) and Gary's Mod, and everything was fine.
Sudently, during a few days, every games started working fine again, for no reason. But it didn't last, the glitch came back as soon as the first frame was displayed this time.
I was still able to play Minecraft, and use Blender perfectly, even the first 30 minutes of "TitanFall 2" ran smoothly, and then glitched out.

The weirdest thing is, that yesterday I took my computer to a friend's place who has a really fast bandwith, to reset windows and reinstall everything. At the begining, and after a clean install, it was still glitching, and at some point, every games started to work well again.
"Witcher 3" "Dishonored 2" "Mutant : Year Zero"... perfect
Then I came back home, and those same games started glitching after less than a minute playing them.
With sometimes only a return to desktop, instead of a full restart from the computer.
And even weirder : Games like "GTA V" "CRYSIS 3" or "BIOSHOCK INFINITE", are still running perfectly fine for hours, on high settings.
(other games that are glitching : "Batman Arkham Knight" "Metro Exodus")

I don't understand what is happening.
I thought about a motherboard issue, a PSU issue, a GPU issue, a Directx issue... it's making me crazy.

So far I've tried :
-Clean install of windows
-Reinstalling everything and every games
-Moving the GPU in another PCI slot
-Using only one RAM, then the other
-Bios update
-Tested the GPU with Furmark and 3Dmark : No glitch !
-Tested the SSDs with Samsung Magician
-Installed games on same SSD as Windows
-Uninstalled and reinstalled Nvidia's drivers and Geforce Experience
-Disabled Steam overlay

Thank's for reading!
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