Extremly low performance using new Laptop

Apr 28, 2020
So i bought this new laptop and i stareted noticing extreme FPS drops in DotA2. At first i didnt pay much atention but now i found out that game doesnt run at more than 70 FPS on lowest settings ever. (I had them capped at 40 so my laptop doesnt overheat)
Than i started playing CSGO, again same problem. I am getting around 100 FPS at max, but having to deal with serious FPS drops in game.
So i took 3D mark test and it came suprisingly low. Most people with same setup get more than 4000 points.
I tried so much stuff to imrpove my performance but nothing does work.
-Instaling new drivers
-Reinstaling windows
-Disabling integrated graphic (which makes me not able to even lauch any game)
-Disabling V-Sync
-Setting my Laptop to always max performance
-Pretty much any small Ingame setting to improve
At this point, i fell like somthing has to be wrong with my laptop and not with my setting.