Extremly WeIrD virus



Hey, here is a weird virus problem that I wouldn't mind getting some help on, heh.

Ok, tis a CIH issue to start off with.

But not a NORMAL CIH problem.

Something or someone or whatever, is generating randomly named (or at least they seem that way, searches for the files names turn up nothing on google) EXE files that are infected with one of the three main varients of CIH (Kriaz, generic Win32/CIH, and one other one). I compleatly clean things out (this originaly happned on my Windows 98 box and I was able to drop to DOS and run a CIH cleaning program) and yet still a few days later new files are detected that have a CIH virus infecting them. All of the files seem to be in the Windows directory, but I am not able to tell if the Virus is becoming resident (in other words, are these files also being automaticaly executed.)

I would figure that any sort of dropper virus that is making these files would also be detected (McAfee and AVG) but on the WIndows 98 box the files are detected it seems upon creation (I don't exactly have a minute by minute log of everything, but I am assuming that some proccess created the file which resulted in McAfee's VShield scanning it and displaying the VIRUS FOUND message on a nice imposing Blue Screen, heh), but they are still quite an annoyance and if my any chance the virus's ARE becoming resident. . . .


7 days until the 26th and a uncurable CIH infection is NOT a nice thing.

and no, I am UNABLE to format either of the computer's drives. Any information on removing this damn thing would be more then appreciated though, hehe :)

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May 17, 2001
odd indeed, personally I dont use macaffee as its pretty well known for "missing" virii. If it were my system, I would have formatted long ago. You could try an online scan from the link on <A HREF="http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/index.html" target="_new"> THIS PAGE </A>

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