Eyefinity setup problem


Aug 1, 2012
hi guys,
Well I have a problem setting up my eyefinity as I'm not able to duplicate all three screens ,or even if i tried to create a group it only shows 2 screens, why not the third one ??

I have XFX Radeon HD 6850 BE and I'm using two of its dvi slots plus one DP using a DisplayPort to DVI adapter.Actually I'm not quite sure the adapter I have is active or passive.
three same res lcd each of 1280 x 1024

So after some basic steps this is what happens to me when i tried to duplicate the third one.!!
It doesn't even shows a "duplicate" option.. May be it is because of the reason the adapter I'm using is passive.. what could possibly be the identification that the adapter is passive.

Also I can be able to extend or duplicate any of the two screens with all possible combinations without any issues but why not the third one ??? its not even there in eyefinity group

And yea when I tried to extend the screens from system resolution. It shows this kinda error.

I hope you guys can help me out ... creating a 3840 x 1024...

Spaniard United

Nov 17, 2012

Eyefinity is the simultaneous use of 3 or more monitors. There are two basic ways to use Eyefinity:

1. SLS (single large surface) is when the desktop spans all three screens as one continuous image.
2. Normal use where you can extend or duplicate the desktop across the screens.

In order for Eyefinity to work, you must have 1 connection from DP. It must either be plugged directly from video card to monitor, or must be actively adapted from DP to another connection type.