Eyefinity setup without dvi input monitors, help.


May 12, 2012
Ok so I went with 3 23" Samsung S23B550's

And the inputs are 2 Hdmi, and 1 VGA.

My video card is a Gigabyte OC 7970,

containing a DVI port, Hdmi port, and 2 mini displays.

I just ordered off newegg 2 Hdmi ports along with 2 Hdmi to mini display adapters, and plugged them in.

My tower detected the 3 screens but had the third disabled, and the second setting up with the first in a pair yet the screen itself was not showing anything but the standby screen.

So what was my mistake, and where do I go from here?

QUICK UPDATE: Sorry, really silly to update within minutes, but unplugging the third monitor allowed the second to show, I assume I just need a dvi to hdmi as my third connection, which would probably make it considered the second, in turn causing my current second to be my third for using the display port.

Am I correct?
Okay to my understanding you will need to get a VGA to Displayport Adapter and then you can use both monitors in HDMI. I'll find a video I watched to help clear some things up.