Question EZ Debug comes on for CPU

Jul 7, 2020
Hi, I am noob to PC building and I mainly just use this PC for work. I have attempted to install a new CPU Ryzen 3 2200g to replace my Athlon 200ge, I have been using my Athlon 200ge for almost 2 months now with no problem and when I decided to upgrade, it just wont POST and EZ Debug indicates theres a problem with my CPU. Ive tried reseating all the cables and checked for any bent pins on the cpu(for the nth time), BIOS reset, Jumper Reset(JBAT1), used another PSU, took everything out of the case and running it on a non conductive space but nothing seem to work. I have noticed that my single stick RAM is generating more heat but when I remove it/switch slot, still I never get to the POST/BIOS menu(suspecting this is the culprit). Even when using the Athlon 200ge(which originally installed in it) still wont work anymore. It does power on then after 2-3 seconds turns off then turns on again. Ive already RMA the Ryzen 3 thinking it was the problem, I am really puzzled right now and dont know what to do.

Athlon 200GE
ADATA 8GB 2666
Sapphire RX 470 4GB
Aerocool Rave PSU 500w 80+

I'd really appreciate if someone could help.

Update: I installed a speaker and it just does beep for 1sec then turns off then turns on again with no beep. The only thing that's lit is the CPU on EZ Debug
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