[SOLVED] EZ Debug CPU light --- please help

Apr 15, 2021

Mobo: B450M Gaming Plus
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
GPU: RTX 2060
PSU: VS650

I've been getting the red light on the CPU part of the EZ Debug built into my motherboard. This happened after attempting to change my thermal paste due to high temperatures being reached whilst my computer was idle. My PC booted up once, I checked the temp and it was still high, so I shut it down just to double check I did everything correctly. I removed my heatsink and re-applied paste, since then I've been receiving the red light.

I've browsed the forum for solutions and tried many of them.

I've reseated my CPU, reseated the RAM, my GPU. Everything I've tried doesn't work. What would you suggest?


As relatively new as a 2600 is that paste should have been fine. High idle temps is normal for a Ryzen, depending on how high they are because all the workload of background tasks is on only 1 core, and since temp readers only use the hottest core, you get a false reading. 1 core might be hitting 40-60°C idle, the rest are closer to 30's at any given moment.

Did you plug the cpu cooler fan back in correctly. Is the cooler & fan now also cleaned of dust.

Have you reset bios/cmos back to optimised factory default settings.