Question EZ Debug LED CPU Red Light

Feb 23, 2020
I upgraded my PC 2 months ago swapping out my old CPU i3 8350k to a i5 9600k and changed my graphics card from a rx 580 to a 2060 and put in a rm corsair 750 watt power supply. Everything worked fine for the past two months, but for the past 2 weeks when ever I turned my computer off. The CPU ez debug led light turns on but when I turn my computer back on the light goes away. For some reason when ever I use my computer it turns off randomly out of no where and than turns right back on immediately. What do I do now I need help asap.
Mobo- MSI Tomahawk z370
Cpu- i5 9600k
Ram- Team Vulcan 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2666 Memory
PSU- Corsair RM 750 watt modular power supply gold certified
AIO- Thermal Take 240 mm Dual radiator
GPU- MSI Gaming Z 2060 6 gb
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Did you overclock the CPU or GPU?

check temperatures and eventually the pins of the CPU socket of the motherboard. Any bent or discolored pins ?
Check the SSD or HDD for errors with its manufacturer´s tool

The Z370 is updated to the latest BIOS version?

check all connections, disconnect and reconnect all

try a different PSU

check the windows event viewer for problems

did you reinstall windows after switching to the new hardware?