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Question EZDebug CPU LIGHT ON

Jun 7, 2020
Hello there!

I'm kinda new to the forum as I just found it's existence while looking through troubleshooting steps for the debug cpu light on, I kinda fixed it by myself after reading some posts by just unpluging the 8 pin CPU connector, I kinda freaked out when I did this beacuase I have no clue whatsoever what borught this up.

Everything started when I was playing some Shadow of the Tomb Raider, eveyrthing was fine, temperatures were perfect and I was getting excelent performance when all of the sudden the PC just crashed and I do not mean it turned the power off, I lost connection to my keyboard & mouse as well as my Display, I could not power off the computer so i just cut off the main power supply, I then started looking in the case for any indications of what might of happened and I inmediatelly saw the ezdebug light on for the CPU, I panicked like I never did before as I have this build brand new , I did it by myself like a week ago and It was working with flying colours, thing is that whenever I tried running the computer back on all the RGB/fans/Ram would turn ON but nothing was showing on the display and the RGB for the keybnoard flashes for a second and it turns off, so I just thought either my cpu or my board were <Mod Edit> dead, that was when I tried unpluging the 8pin CPU and pluging back in, and to my surprise it's working again.

Does anyone have a clue of why this happened as I'm pretty sure it's going to happen again?

my build;

Ryzen R3600X
RTX2070 Super
16GB DRR4 RAM CL18 at 3600mhz(which was btw on X-MP profile 1 and boosted to 3600mhz in board)
As i said my temps were perfectly okay while playing and I have no clue on what happened.
(EDIT)PSU Kolink Enclave 700W 80 Plus Gold Modular , I know i know, it's a garbage not known PSU builder but I was on a budget and It seems decent so far.
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