Question Facebook Imported 1.5 Million Users' Email Contacts Without Permission

The obvious ruling here is for them to delete all that data and start from scratch; no questions asked about it.

I'm pretty damn sure out of all the scummy ways they've obtained data of people outside their network/system, this is the scummiest by friggin' far.


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i don't have a FB nor any other FB owned account nor have i ever used any of them other than FB over 10 years ago.

yet i still know they likely have a pretty accurate up to date file on me and all things mine. no tin foil hat needed here, cause it's sadly true. and for some reason, this fact does not bother most people....
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For what purpose does Facebook claim to use your email account credentials other than this? There's no way I'd be giving out credentials to anyone without a very good reason (this isn't one, also it's Facebook), and even then it's unlikely.

Math Geek

these emails were not from users but rather from users' contact lists. which means mostly from non-users. and of course they are only saying email addresses but my contact lists includes phone numbers, physical addresses and other info for those in my list.

so they actually got names, physical address, likely work info, and phone numbers on top of the email addresses they admit to getting due to "accidentally" uploading people's contact lists.

it should simply be criminal to invade people's privacy like this but of course the gov is not gonna make em stop since they enjoy access to all that info whenever they want, and their not likely to shoot themselves in the foot stopping a great source of surveillance footage for themselves.
I dunno if the U.S. Congress is serious or they are just so much behind the times. Facebook whole business is Selling Information, because they don't make anything, they don't do consulting. Information Broker is what they are. Surprised? Faking Outrage? Best business after selling water.

These folks hide behind, "we'll facilitate targeted advertising!" Yeah right, after I do a very précised search, they pop me an ad, "Walmart Sells this" and take me to their main website and it's up to me to search their 5 zillions items catalog. Targeted is most certainly not.
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