Facebook Intro/Info and About section does not appear to other users?

Dec 7, 2018
My facebook account shuld really look like this:
to both my friends and to unknown profiles. But neither can see any info at all about me. Not my work, school, relationship status, hometown etcetc. Ive gone through ALL my privacy settings and ive asked around abit without getting lucky...And i am absolutely STUMPED to what the issue could be :( . None of the other forum posts i can find around has helped so far! Im a producer and these days im releasing several tracks and its really important that i can open the profile to be completly public. And ofc Facebook Help only has autoanswers and nobody to contact about the problem. Im REALLY in trouble if i cant get all my info and abouts out in the open. Any ninja-tips or tricks to try or DEARLY appreciated! :\

Thanks Everyone