Question Facebook shows as phone on my laptop ?

Mar 20, 2023
Suddenly Facebook shows up as a phone on my Acer Chromebook 315. I just realized I can open it as a new tab and it opens normally. What do I do? Another problem I ran into last night was with my Seagate One Touch external hard drive , or should I open another thread for help with that ? I really want to get the Facebook figured out first. Thank you!


You mean, if I understand correctly, that the icon for Facebook is now a phone versus whatever icon was previously being used - correct?

Most likely you will need to do some sort of customization/personalization on the Chromebook to configure the Facebook icon as you require.

Google "how to change icons on a chromebook" and you will find quite a number of hits.

Take a look at a few and then revise your search (if and as necessary) to narrow down the results.

Add "Facebook" to the search criteria may help.

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As for the Seagate One Touch external hard drive - open a thread in Storage.

Be sure to include all specs, etc..