Facebook Uses 2FA Contact Info for Targeted Ads


Facebook also monitors and tracks a user's soul and assigns each soul a SOULid.

This is different from the id assigned to the physical body, the PBODYid.

The benefits of SOULid include;

1. The ability to continue track a user after the brain has been transplanted into another body (Do note that a new PBODYid will be generated)

2. The ability to track a user into the afterlife (an "Angel" gave clearance for this)

3. A SOULid never expires and by definition is impossible to erase.

Suddenly "Facebook Uses 2FA Contact Info for Targeted Ads" feels less invasive.


Jan 16, 2015
"By now everyone should understand the company's business model"

Well, it's been years everyone with half a brain could have understood:
- burning electricity/cooling + buying shittons of systems to run a free service doesn't constiture a valid business model (at least not one which is not goinf into the wall)
- as a consequence, something has to be put in the revenue column, and apart from users private data + advertising, there's really nothing else in sight

Then, every time some smart ars is discovering something fishy/scandalous (Cambridge-Analytica, this, the next thing with medical record or bank account access, etc ...), the folks are happily moving in damage control mode, et voila.
You have your business model !

I really need to be more cynical in order to just do that and become a billionaire !



Yup, they're not in it to protect your privacy, they're in it to sell your data for profit. Reminds me of a Simpsons quote when Krusty tells Bart "Hey kid, it ain't comedy that's in my veins, it's selling out.".