Question Facing abnormal Temp from my Build!!

Oct 30, 2020
Hello Guys , before I state out my situation this is my build :
CPU : Ryzen 5 3500x (Stock Cooler)
Mobo : Gigabyte B450m DS3H V2
Ram : Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 8GB (Will get another 8gb soon)
HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1TB
PSU : Aigo 550w 80+ Bronze
Casing : APTECH AP-G33-06 RGB Atx (2 Stock, Fan front Intake & back Exhaust)

I've build this setup just 2 weeks ago. While using normally (Browsing on Chrome/firefox) CPU shows 65c avg & upto 70c(1st 2 ss). So, I informed one of my friend he said to adjust the cpu fan speed by using Gigabyte SIV. So I used that & changed the fan profile to 'Performance' while doing lite works. And that didn't changed anything.
Few days ago I started playing RDR2. My setting was 1080p optimized while playing for only 5-10m I start getting warm temp from my casing side panel as well as from the front of casing. The CPU was at 95% while emitting 90c. And GPU was at 99% with 88c. Than I used SIV and set the CPU Fan profile to 'Full Speed' & I used MSI Afterburner set my GPU fan to 100%. And nothing changed the results were CPU - 88% 88c & GPU - 93% & 86c.
Idk why but whenever I do some heavy task the temp gets higher. So I understood I need a cooling system!
BY following basics I checked My case Airflow & it was neutral. What I'm doubting is that my case doesn't have enough room where air can flow from it. Here's the product link :
Just by considering that everything on default is good. What should I do now?
Should I add some more case fan? I was thinking of taking a CPU cooler & add a 1/2 fan for overall case cooling.
Do I need to add a AIO or Air Cooler? Problem is I can't try out a method & let it go if it doesn't work. As I can't bear that much of expense!
And my Budget for the cooler is from $20-50.
Do Help me Out!!
Sep 27, 2020
What cooler are you using currently? Just a stock ryzen one?

edit; just saw you have a stock cooler. missed it the first time lol..

With that budget you probably wouldn't be able to find much of an least not one that'll perform any better than say a Noctua air cooler or a dark rock.

If I had to guess, it's a combination of poor airflow in that case with using a stock cpu cooler. The problem just from looking it, seems that there is very little intake. It's all glass. Typically your cases with front mesh have better cooling, as the glass ones (although they look pleasing) are closed off and offer little to no airflow.

If you can squeeze anything out of your budget I'd try for a new case tbh. I don't know much about yours so I could be wrong but by looking at it, it seems like it is not optimal for air cooling.

As a side note, you can always re-do your thermal paste application. Sometimes when seating the cooler on you can also tighten one side before the other, thus having a bad contact. Just remember, if you take the cooler off even just to check and see if you had even pressure, you'll need to re-paste!


What you need is a chassis that lets your precious hardware BREATHE.
How are front fans supposed to bring air in with a literal wall right in front of them? And no, the tiny gap/slit on the side doesn't count.
Any cooler is only going to be as effective as what your chassis allows - which looks to be very little, in this instance. If the 2 fans were preinstalled, they likely aren't very strong either.

For now, take both fans and mount them as top exhaust. If that's not enough, remove the side panel too.
Roll with that until you can afford to house your hardware in a better box.



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