Fail coz of Ram?


Oct 22, 2008
Hello..I am new overclocker (newbie) but i read alot before i try..
First of all my system ... cpu Q9550 ,mobo GA-EP45T-DS3 (p 45 -ICH10)
ram 4 giga of OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth Edition (1600 fsb max) and 700 watt powah.
The problem is that i want to overclock my cpu from 8.5x333 to 8.5x400 so the fsb could be 1600 and run at full memory speed but my mobo is so complex especially with volts settings i try to give more power on my core and could p.o.s.t. well but when windows starting... crass!! if i run my memory with x3 multiplier at 1290 fsb the ok but why? my memory suport 1600 fsb what settings have to do?
Can you help me to go 8.5 x 400 and full memory speed? ...What could be wrong?what are the best settings for my board? what steps should i go..???? for more infos click here at my tread