Question Failed at repasting/repadding Palit RTX 3060Ti GamingPro. Much worse temps, need help.

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Aug 18, 2021
So, my GPU was having a weird hotspot temperature of 90-100 during load while my core temps were around 70 while gaming. I thought that was strange so I decided to repad and repaste.

I used cooler master V1 IC value thermal compound for GPU die and Arctic APT2560 1mm thermal pad for the rest. After everything was done, my idle temps were about the same as usual, maybe slightly better but it could be me, but my load temps were through the charts, core temps skyrocket to 90 while GPU is throttling to around 600mV and hotspot to 106. Obviously I screwed something up. I opened the gpu again to check and everything seemed normal, the paste was spread everywhere on the die, all pads where were they should be. I noticed that some of the pads on tiny black boxes didn't stick to the heatsink so I thought that maybe pad was not thick enough so I added a other layer of thermal pads on top but it didn't help, pretty much the same. I also tried adding 2nd layer on VRAM but the gpu kept crashing during windows loading.

Anyways, I changed it back to first attempt so that I can at least use my PC but gaming is nos out of the question. I ordered some 1mm and 2mm pads from Gelid extreme because I heard those are soft so they may fit better. Anyone has any idea what might be causing the issue?
Not open for further replies.