Question Failed HDD Recovery

May 12, 2021
Hey, two years ago my old laptop's internal HDD presumably fried and the computer stopped detecting it. I've held onto it ever since then because I was pretty confident I could somehow recover the data, but never have. The fact that I've been able to procrastinate on working with it for two years means the files aren't anything I need, but I'd be really happy if I could see the files again. There's stuff I've been really wanting to have for years that only exist on that drive.

It's a 1TB Toshiba MQ02ABF100. There do not appear to be any physical signs of damage on the hard drive, but it stopped working after I woke up to the area on my PC being incredibly hot one day so I've always presumed it was fried. Seems to be a pretty standard case of failure to me.

When inserted into any computer via cable, a new disk drive sometimes shows up in device manager, HDTune, recovery software, etc. Programs tend to stop responding when I select the drive, and if I can get through by chance, HDTune says everything is okay except for "reallocated sector count", which fails, and "reallocated event count", which gives a warning. S.M.A.R.T. scan gives bad. Trying to put it through a recovery software will just give errors I don't understand.

So is data recovery possible or is it no use? Is this a typical case? Would greatly appreciate any feedback at all.
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A specialized data recovery company might be able to recover files off of it, though that would cost hundreds of dollars, at the very least. It could be an option if you had irreplaceable data on the drive that you really wanted to recover though, assuming that data wasn't physically destroyed by the drive failure.