Question "Failed to add new Steam library folder"

Jan 27, 2021
Okay so basically I did some hot swapping of SSD's earlier today taking out my SSD (labelled up to now as the F drive) which had my steam library on it. After finishing what I was doing I put the drive back in my system exactly as it was. Only now it's become relabelled as the E drive and no longer recognised the steam library. All the software there and still installed but steam just pretends I hadn't installed anything. When I tried adding a new file path to the E drive to start rebuilding my library, it tells me the drive is read only. I tried fixing this cmd but it didn't quite work. Same thing for iTunes too.

This isn't hair tearing stuff because I know there's got to be solution but it is a headache. But because I've not had to deal with all the technical stuff for years because I've run a pretty tight ship so far, what should the file path for a new steam library be?