Question Failing PSU OCCT test (over 1200 errors/blue screen)

Oct 7, 2020
2 months ago my RTX 2070S and finally, last week, I got my money back and bought an RX 5700 XT along with a new PSU a SeaSonic GC-650.
Almost as soon as I installed the drivers, I got a blue screen. I found out online that 5700 XT cards tend to have driver issues so I went ahead and tried all the suggestions. I tried many things but my PC still kept getting blue screened and usually during weird times (like when I am opening a new window or turning on Steam) I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, Changing AMD graphics settings to STANDARD, but I kept getting blue screened.

The last thing I tried was going into safe mode and removing (whatever was left of the RTX 2070S) and the new AMD drivers using DDU, because a lot of people suggested this. Now, I haven't gotten a blue screen since then under NORMAL circumstances BUT, I wanted to be sure.

So I downloaded the OCCT and did a stress test on anything. Surprisingly, my 5700 XT was fine. It passed both test with no problems. CPU was fine, RAM was fine but then I did the power test...
3 minutes in and I got the blue screen. I did this a few more times and the only time I didn't seem to get a blue screen was during the open case (30m) power test (im going to try this again right now, just to be sure).

Is the cause of my crashes the PSU? I mean, it seems that the PSU is the main culprit here but could the GPU be faulty? I have the warranty for both the PSU and the GPU im just wondering which one I should return? Should I try a different power test? Any help or advice would be appreciated