May 26, 2011
Last year in September I built a comp with

p6x58d-e mobo
i7-930 cpu
thermaltake tr2 rx 1000watt power supply
xfx 5770 ati radeon gpu
3 2GB ocz Gold 2000MHz RAM
1TB Seagate 7200rpm hard drive
1TB Hitachi 7200rpm hard drive

At first, every once in a great while you wouldn't get any video from the monitor on starting, and you could tell from the keyboard lights that it didn't boot, but the computer did physically turn on and the fans would spin and stuff. If you turned the computer off, waited a minute, and then tried again, it worked normally. Everything but the lack of display seemed pretty normal at that point. The problem became increasingly frequent until it failed to boot more often than not. Here's everything I've tried in order, and the result

Tried another monitor - I wish that would have been the problem. . .

Sent my 5770 to xfx, and it checked out. Have also tried several different video cards, in fact I have an Nvidia 480 installed now - same issue

Put RAM in a friend's computer - His computer started fine

At some point the RAM light started coming during it's boot every time it had a successful start up, but then it came on pretty much every time, whether it worked or not. Another thing that started happening is occasionally is that the fans and lights would start, stop, then start again. Sometimes successfully, other times not.

Updated the BIOS - didn't fix anything

Tried another CMOS battery - to no avail

Ran mem test with memOK button on each stick individually, and this time it did work - put the RAM back in and still have the same problem.

Had microcenter check my psu - and they said it was good

I've recently tried leaving the power supply switched off whenever the computer isn't on, and so far it's 5 for 5 on start ups. Wondering if anyone knows what could cause that, and also that might be why it worked in my freind's comp (because it was pulled out, not because it was fine), idk.

Any input would be appreciated, even if you don't know how to fix it, just input on what is wrong would be nice, as everything is under manufacturer warranty. thanks