Question Faint cracking noise with GPU installation

Sep 28, 2020
I had just installed a fresh RTX 3090 in my system and I had a GPU anti-sag holder as well. I lifted up the end of the card while installed into the PCIE slot so that the holder could hold up the heavy end of it snuggly and I heard the faintest "crack" noise. Everything is running fine but I am paranoid I did something horrible like fracture the PCB. I know I could remove the cooler and take a look, but it's the FE model so I know it's going to be such a pain. I've read that PCB is actually quite flexible but I wanted to get some opinions from anyone willing to share here. Am I being paranoid or did I actually end up doing some damage?

Avro Arrow

There's no way to know if you did damage to the card because the cracking sound might have come from the motherboard. If I were you, I would just leave it alone if it's working because if you did do damage, it's damage that won't be covered by warranty.

It's working as is so leave it as is.