[SOLVED] Fair price to sell i5-6600K / MB / RAM / cooler?

Friend of mine wishes to sell the components below on Ebay. I'm not advertising these here, as I'm very aware of the site rules for doing so. I'm just asking what's a fair buy-it-now price to sell it for. He plans to use the proceeds toward upgrading from his GTX 960 4GB to a GTX 1660 Super. Thanks

Used core i5-6600k / Asus Z170-P / 16 GB RAM (1866 MHz) / Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.
$200 may be pushing it a bit. I'd say 150 to 160 would be closer. If you get 200, awesome, but don't expect it.

50 to 75 cpu. 50ish for the board, maybe more if it was a high end board when new. 35 for the ram. Cooler is only 25 new, so used, it's not worth much. Throw it in as a bonus. I think these are fair prices, imo.