Fake 920 cpu come backer

I have a feeling this is going to drag on.....

read whole story here:

"It has recently been brought to our attention that you are responsible for publishing on the internet, and specifically on your websites, untrue statements respecting allegedly counterfeit Intel Core i7 processors which you allege were sold to Newegg by D&H.

“This letter places you on notice that these statements are false. You have no basis for publishing these false and malicious statements about D & H. These false allegations are defamatory and disparaging to D&H”s business and business relations and have caused grave and irreparable damage to our client.”"


Jun 9, 2009
yeah,already read it like 20 time or so in many websites,i'd be better often that a real user comes to the forums and tell us about this experience..
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Not me. Anyone stupid enough to toss the receipt for mail order computer merchandise before he tests it deserves to eat the cost of the items.