'Fall Of Oriath' Expansion For 'Path Of Exile' Arrives August 4

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Apr 5, 2016

I don't see how this company can afford to do so much for free. I played the heck out of this game a few years ago and never spent a dime, since I think the pay content is cosmetic or something similar. Truly free to play done the right way, and character customization is insanely intense.

6 new acts?! Free?! I'm in!!! Wish I had to pay for the game so I could support them.


Apr 3, 2001
I love this game and I'm going to play the heck out of it again after the expansion drops! Every time a big expansion hits I play this game for a good long while, and this looks like the biggest update yet. It's also packed full of various performance improvements and dynamic resolution to help faster and slower machines alike - fast machines will run and look better than ever (even with graphically abusive combos dancing all over the place) and slower machines will look better MOST of the time without completely falling on their face when action gets intense.

Supporting them is actually super easy. Now they even have an Xbox One port! Which I love (even though I play it on PC) because it exposes more gamers to this awesome game. Anyway:

For those who aren't aware, their pay stuff is mostly cosmetic. The game is NOT pay-to-win, none of the stuff you buy affects your character's power level or abilities AT ALL. Everyone is on a level playing field. But there are some handy non-cosmetic enhancements. For example, extra character slots (if you have 'Alt-itis' like I do), extra stash tabs (premium tabs recommended), trading stash tabs, and the "special" stash tabs are all very useful and I highly recommend you pick some up. I LOVE the special purpose-built stash tabs, they organize things nicely for me. The premium stash tabs let you color and rename tabs for rapid identification. All tabs are also permanent!

Anyone that loves this should absolutely spend $20-30 on extras to support them. You don't have to give them your payment info, either - it goes through Steam for payment (and MS for Xbox I'm sure) so it's very secure. If you think about it, $30 is REALLY CHEAP! I have spent over $120 on Diablo III and it's expansions, and I've played Path of Exile WAY more (Diablo II and Path of Exile are my top two in this genre, followed by Torchlight II).
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