Fallout 3 doesnt work on my Widows 7 laptop help


Jul 6, 2012
Hello, I tried installing fallout 3 on my Toshiba Satellite P755. specs i7 2670qm Sandybridge Quadcore 8GB Ram Windows 64bit Intel HD graphics card size 1809Mb
Keeps freezing once I press new game. I saw another post where a person had the same problem, said he found a thread to make it work, but never shared the thread in his thread asking for help.


Mar 13, 2012


It is in the control panel. Click on Programs then on Programs and Fatures. Also update your drivers. I tried to look up your laptop with the specs you posted. I have had no luck.

There is a model number after the P755 like S5120 and so on. That modle is the closest one so far but it didn't tell me anything about the GPU you have. Some of the others said they had a GT540m and some said 1608mb.

It appears to be a decent laptop except for the GPU. If your GPU is like the GT 540m then it is not a good GPU and would explain for a lot of the problems you are having.

But I would like to know what exactly is your GPU? But try to do what I suggested. That might be the only thing wrong with it and while you are at it, it wouldn't hurt to update all of your laptops drivers at the same time. Good luck.
There are two problems you may have. If you are using Intel Integrated HD graphics, you need to download a special DLL file to get the game to work, Fallout 3 does not support integrated graphics chipsets out of the box, it needs a third party mod to do that.

Fallout 3 also doesn't play nice with quad core CPUs. You have to open your Fallout.ini file in the My Documents/Fallout 3 folder, and add the following lines:

That should hopefully fix the freezing issues.