Fallout 3 GOTY Freeze?

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Apr 13, 2011
So, i decided to try to go for a 100% achievement run of this game. I had this game running fine and installed about a year ago. I did a HD wipe after that and have not played it since. I attempted to play it, but now I have a problem where the game constantly freezes during the opening sequences and animations; twice at the opening cutscene, 5 times during the birth sequence, twice at the character customization and once at the birthday party. My hardware has not changed with the exception of a new monitor. My specs are as followed:

Gigabyte H61-S2p-B3 mobo
Intel i3-2120
4 Gb. G. Skill 1600 RAM
Asus 6850 Graphics Card

I run the game from the DVD, and have also tried running it with the built in no DVD launcher, all attempts have failed. I have done several re installs and even tried on with no updates or patches installed and still nada. I am confused and not sure what to do as I have all drivers up to date. In addition, when I start up the game and it auto detects my settings, it sets it to low when it used to set it to ultra (come on, I have a 6850, of course it can run this game on ultra). Anyways, not too sure why it does that either. Anyone know a fix for this or have a similar issue? Thanks
Not open for further replies.