Fallout 3/ New Vegas Low-Performance


Jan 2, 2013
Hello guys, thansk for taking the time to read this and to help me so here goes my question:
I have a new PC that I build that defeats every game it plays pretty much like it should (Posting specs at the bottom), but in the fallout series it performs ultra low compared to what it should. I believe it maybe be the CPU bottlenecking the Graphics card or vice-versa, but on a thousand dollar build this should not be occuring!
To expand on the low-performance/Lag, it occurs in certain areas and occurs around npcs and large amounts of items. For example in large combat and in the Freeside for example. Tried different driver for the GTX 670 and fake-fullscreen, 4gb, and stutter remover. Framerate is the same between the NMC texture pack and standard. Rolling back to older drivers increased FPS in new vegas drasticly but not really in fallout 3. Could it be CPU lag from the AMD FX 8350 Vishera @ 4ghz stock? Or will a ssd fix this?

Western Digital 500gb 7200RPM HDD
Amd FX 8350 Vishera at 4Ghz 2gb Version
Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce @ Stock
8GB of ram (2x4gb)
600 Watt PSU (Plenty for this and also a ThermalTake)
Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 Motherboard