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Fan Control Program for Me


Sep 21, 2009
I've been trying to configure SpeedFan on my computer so that it can take control of my CPU fan, primarily. However, it seems that is the one fan it does NOT have control over! Here is a picture to show you the only three fans it's giving me access to, for my advanced fan controls.

Here is a picture showing the only three fans it gives me control to. I'm guessing they are my three 120mm case fans on my Antec Nine Hundred, but not positive, since even when I set changes (even set them to run 100% @ 30*C to see if I could hear them rev up, didn't). Am I missing something here, or would you guys recommend any other fan control program?

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
MSI NF750-G55
AMD Athon II X3 435
Hyper TX3/Rocketfish CPU cooler

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