Fan Controller + Fan woes! Please help!


Sep 12, 2011
Ok, so I recently upgraded my case.

I now have 2 main problems.

1). My fan controller. The case has two front fans controlled by a fan controller, and the fan controller has 2 cables coming from it- a female molex, and a 3 pin MALE connector. I have no idea why these are both on there, but there is no female fan connector on my motherboard. Is this supposed to supply power?

It looks like this:

What do I do with these two connectors?

2) I have too many fans for my motherboard. My mobo only has two (three if you include the pwr_fan) fan headers, and I have way more fans than I can connect to these. 2 top fans, one back fan, one side fan, and the CPU fan.

Should I just connect these to my PSU, or does someone make a splitter cable that would let me connect more than one fan to the same header?

Thanks in advance! This is killing me.

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