Fan controller for a HAF 922?


Dec 7, 2009
Does anyone have any good recommendations for a fan controller for a HAF 922? I'm using 2 200mm LED fans, a standard 200mm, and a standard 120mm. I know that it isn't entirely necessary given how quiet the case is, but one of the 3-pin connectors on the motherboard results in the fan spinning at 100% constantly, as does the one connected to the PSU.

I just picked up an NZXT Sentry 2 the other day, but unfortunately the 120mm makes a loud buzzing noise when plugged into the fan controller, regardless of RPM or settings. The 200mm's also make an odd humming noise with it. After reading the NZXT forums, it seems that a lot of people are having the same issues.

With that said, does anyone know of some decent fan controllers that will support at least 4 (preferably 5 or 6) fans, including 200mm' LED's well? It doesn't need to be a matter of fact, knobs would be perfectly fine. I would prefer to find something under $40 as well.

I was looking at possibly this one:

Any suggestions at all?


Sep 19, 2009
Take the Sunbeam RHK-EX-SV Rheobus-Extreme 5.25" Bay 4 Channel 30W Fan Controller Panel - Retail

It's good and only 30$