Fan controller help

The nzxt can control up to 5 fan on AUTO or MANUEL mode.
The Zalman can control 4 fans (3 3pin and 1 4pin pwm) but no auto mode.

Zalman also come whit a usefull POWER meter that show you the WATT usage off your FULL system ( i had read that its inacurate but, helpfull info to know BTW)

I better like the NZXT but it take 2 slot vs Zalman only one slot. the 2 come with Temp probe, all working well. The NZXT use its probe to vary Fan speed on auto mode but i prefer Manuel. I currently run those 2 Controler whit ALL fan connected and they work great. Giving me a chance to listen a Move in a quiet atmosfere or Play game whit NICE temp.

The cheapest and arguably the best fan controller is the Sunbeam Rheobus. It costs around $15 and has 4 channels, providing 20W per channel.
For the looks I suppose?

To OP: I must warn you, the LEDs are bright. It's bright enough so that when you stare at it directly, you'll have to squint as if you're looking into the sun.



Oct 22, 2008
i have the zalman mfc1 plus (3 pin connectors), has controls for 6 fans, two have cables that can go from the controller to the fan to the mb (i use for cpu & gpu), the other 4 are just manual control with no mb connections (i use for just case fans).

no heat sensors im afraid however used with a program like everest to monitor temperatures ive had no issues whatsoever.

mines fitted into a haf932 case, looks nice and smart, has a two colour led (blue for low speed, red for high speed) for each fan so you can see roughly what setting you have on it without having to strain to see the twister notch.

i can probably post some pics if really needed.

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