Fan controller


Sep 9, 2006
I've been looking quite a while for a good fan controller that has at least 2 molex connectors, I want to use it for my DuOrb (which has worked great so far) and a generic 120 mm fan, both of which don't have the traditional 3 pin conector, they plug directly into the mobo

Sounds simple so far, so let's add some trouble to the mix.
First, I live in Chile (that's South America for those of you who don't know :) ) so availability is kinda a big issue, second, since it's unlikely I can get something like a fan controller shipped all the way here maybe you could help me clarify a doubt ¿Can I somehow mod those molex connectors to turn them into 3 pin connectors and attach the fan controller to them? Is it dangerous (as in DuOrb damaging dangerous)? Is it posible?

And lastly, assuming all I just asked is totally dumb, is there a better way to achieve what I mean to do?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I've searched around but couldn't find a similar topic.