Question Fan Expert 4: Messed up fan names and indications

Sep 14, 2019
I built a new system based on the x570-e gaming in the Lian Li 011D. For RGB/cooling purposes I use a Thermaltake TT sync controller, so all fans and RGB blings are connected to the motherboard. I also use 3 Silent Wings 2 (3 Pin) on one splitter as bottom intakes.

The AIO pump is connected to the AIO pump header, the 3 fans of the 360 Floe Riing are connected via TT Sync Controller to the CPU fan header. The Silent Wings are connected via 4 pin split cable to the CHA2 header of the motherboard. The 3 RGB fans mounted on the side of the case I plugged in the CPU_Opt header as CHA1 header is in the middle of the purely for aesthetics.

Now the fan part: In the Bios I read the fan positions correctly, but in FanExpert 4 I see CPU fan, AIO Pump, Chassis Fan 2 and....W_PUMP+.

Why is that and how can I fix that? The problem is that Fan Expert runs these fans at low speed all the time (around 500rpm when the CPU fans hoover around 300-400) Modifying the W_Pump curve seems to have to effect at all. Fun part is that in the lower part of the interface (where the overview is, the CPU_Opt appears and not the W_Pump)

Screenshot It shows that CPU_is flat and low rpm, while the W_Pump should be high RPM

Should I simply plug the 3 RGB fans to the Chassis 1 header? The freaking TT cables are for shure loooooong enough.

Thanks to all!



"Should I simply plug the 3 RGB fans to the Chassis 1 header?"


If things are not working it is not a good idea to just start changing things around and re-plugging connections.

What website was the source for the Fan [E]xpert 4 that you installed? Asus?

Are you that the installed version is the most current version?

Go back through the hardware installation and software documentation for all components and doublecheck your work.
Sep 14, 2019
I actually did reconnect the case fans to chassis fan 1 and now they work as intended. They are seen as Chassis Fans. When they were CPU Opt Fan Expert has no control over them.

However, I still see the Waterpump and the AIO as separate "fans". This is interesting...why is that?

I used Fan Expert from the ASUS website/CD.
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