[SOLVED] Fan headers question !!!


Apr 25, 2015
Hey all nearly ready to put evrythink together!!!
Realizing that i need lots of fans because the case i got comes without fans so okay i by them what next lol
case : Lian Li 011 dynamic XL ROG
Motherboard : ROG GENE XI Z390
cpu cooler : kraken x 72
my thinking is 6 fans on the kraken push pull positioning it on the side of case as intake 2 fans on the botom of case facing the gpu also intake these fans will be Noctua NF-F12 pwm Chromax Black 120mm further specs are as folowing
Max. input power 0,6 W
Max. input current 0,05 A
Operating voltage 12 V
The reaming fans from the NZXT KRAKEN i was going to use as exhaust fans 1 on back of case and 2 on the top of case .

Will i be able to put a 2 fan spliters on each head fan to power all the fans up or will that damage the motherboard will it be safe to use the water cooler slot on the side of the motherborad that is 2 A to power up 3 fans with out problems or just by a fan controler and put some fans on it i am kind of lost here and i am not puting anythink together if i dont get it all corect first lol
fan splitters are fine, especially with power efficient noctua fans.

but, use a fan header if possible. it just gives you more control and better cable management.

put the waterpump header on aio_pump. it will give you a fan error, you can fix that in the bios easily.