Question Fan hub not working with all fans

Sep 6, 2020
I just installed a SilverStone fan hub and two Noctua NF-P12 fans. I connected the Noctua fans and the stock case fan (with 3 pins) to the fan hub, and connected the hub to the motherboard and PSU.

When the computer starts, the stock fan works but the Noctua fans don't power up at all. I've connected the fans to the motherboard to make sure they work, and they both do work. I've also tried connecting just the Noctua fans to the hub and also connecting the hub to the CPU fan header instead of the case fan header. Nothing has gotten the Noctua fans to work with the head so far.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Sep 29, 2020
Gee. The fan hub is cheap.
have you tried just connecting the Noctua fans (without the case fan) and the hub to power and a case fan header?
When connecting a three wire fan to a four pin fan header, the fan is always on; there is no fan control.


A few things important do check / do in this situation.

  1. This is a standard 4-pin PWM fan Hub; that means it can control the speeds of 4-pin fans, but it can NOT do that for any 3-pin fans you connect to it. They will always run full speed.
  2. The Hub MUST receive a PWM signal from the mobo host header, or else it cannot do any speed control. Go into BIOS Setup for the header used with this Hub, and ensure that its MODE is set to PWM, not to Voltage or DC, and not to "Automatic". Remember to SAVE and EXIT to save your new setting.
  3. The Hub has one port marked specially, and that is the ONLY one that can return to the host header the fan speed. It is important that you have a fan plugged in there, AND that the fan on that port be one of the new 4-pin PWM types, not a 3-pin fan.
  4. There Hub has two cables from it. One goes to a mobo fan header. The other goes to a SATA power output connector from the PSU, and BOTH need to be connected properly.