Question Fan hub turning on with rgb connector?

Nov 21, 2018
So while my pc is getting fixed I was messing around with a sata power rgb controller and my cpu fan. There is nothing in my case accept for the fans, fan hub and a psu.

The fan hub is connected to a molex from my psu. It's also connected to a switch on my case for high low and off. It has 7 3 pin fan connectors.

My cpu fan has 2 cables. One for the rgb and one for the fan. I plugged the 4 pin power connector into a 3 pin connector on my hub. Whenever I plug the rgb cable into the sata rgb controller, all of my fans turn on full speed even though the switch on my case is turned off.

I'm not sure why this is happening but I'm pretty sure that means power is going somewhere it's not supposed to go. Normally I would just plug this fan into my motherboard and then connect the rgb cable to my motherboard.
- here's a video

In the video I'm connecting the rgb cable to the sata rgb controller.