Question Fan issue on Zotac GeForce 1080 ti mini

Oct 11, 2019
Hi, just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me. I bought a 1nd hand 1080 ti mini a year ago, and touch wood the card has worked great. although just under a yeah ago .... the fans became very noisy... even at 44% (which is lowest they go on the standard bios) It was like they were at 80% rather than 44%...anyways the problem went away.... and came back 2 days ago... Ive used Firestorm, MSI afterburner and custom curves dont work...nvidia drivers and windows all up to date.. have taken out card cleaned...cleaned slot ( only have 1) used 2nd SSD slot to boot but same issue. I was going to flash it with another BIOS but seems a bit extreme and could brick it..... Anyways if anyone has any ideas or fixes would be much appreciated. cheers PS ( I dont have the SPECTRA tab available in Firestorm)