Question Fan keeps turning on and off every 10 seconds. Revving and turning off continuously,

Jan 16, 2021
The fan on my MSI Gt70 keeps revving up to full and turning off every 10 seconds. It does this regardless of what I am doing, It does it in Windows as well as in the Bios.

I have so far changed the video card 3 times,
Changed the bios several times,
changed the EC Firmware a few times,
Did a system restore,
reverted my video drivers and my chipset drivers.
Tried MSI programs to change fan issues.
Installed unlocked bios and changed thermal settings,
tried several different fans.
Used the MSI DeleteFanSettings program.
Attempted to update VBios
Turned on and off button that is supposed to make the fan run constantly on.

This issue has only occurred within last couple months. Prior to this I did have a video card go bad but that has been replaced and the computer ran fine for a couple weeks before the new problems started.

Any help will do. Above is a link to show my system settings.