Question Fan leds not syncing and going insane

Oct 27, 2022
I have a 1st gen ryzen specifically Ryzen 7 1800X, a Asus TUF B450M Plus II and CM Masterfan MF120 Halo. I was thinking of are there any B550 motherboards who could support a 1st gen ryzen CPU that also have ARGB header in it? I'm having problems with fan leds and I think its because of the motherboard aRGB header. And can I also ask for suggestions whether should I get rid of my 1st gen ryzen or not and suggestions about how to setup a ARGB setup.


What fans are you working with? A cheaper solution to your issue is investing in an ARGB or RGB controller that's powered by SATA and USB. In fact, you might want to be wary that ARGB and RGB are not the same thing.

You have a nearly similar thread here;
but the move to a new motherboard would be expensive, not just with money spent but with time invested in it since you will need to reinstall the OS(since you're going to swap the motherboard) and you need to make sure the B550 chipset board is on a BIOS version with A.G.E.S.A code at the very least.
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