Question Fan noise from new PSU ?


May 11, 2015
Hi! I have recently bought an XPG Core Reactor 650w to replace my now 9 years old XFX Pro 650w. When I installed the unit for the first time I wanted to check my Gigabyte Gaming B450 sensor readings, and the first thing I noticed was voltage instability, most notable on the +12V rail, and a rather low +3.3V readings as well, the +12V rail reading would fluctuate anywhere between 12.096 and 11.95 on idle, and they would drop to 11.88-11.808 under full cpu + graphics card load (R5 5600x + RX 6600). I know software readings are not to be completely trusted, but my xfx unit readings were a lot more stable, and the +12v rail reading never dropped below 12. Also, I noticed buzzing noises coming out of the unit, which could be coil whine, and then I noticed the fan itself making a quite audible rattling noise, even at idle, when it is supposed to be inaudibly quiet at this load level. Do I have a faulty unit?