Question Fan optimisation

Apr 18, 2019

I have recently built my first pc using the Deepcool Tesseract SW case, i currently have two corsair ML120 fans set up as :

-front fan intake (only front fan slot available)
-rear fan exhaust

I’m looking at buying another two of these for the two fan slots on the top of the case and was wondering which of these would be the best set up :

one extra intake + exhaust (2 of each total)
both as intake (3 intake 1 exhaust total)
both as exhaust ( 1 intake 3exhaust total)

Thanks !


Apr 28, 2009
well hot air rises, so personally i'd set them up as exhaust out of the top of the case.
this would also setup your case as a "negative pressure system" where any holes or slots would see colder air from outside trying to get in. This can be helpful to get fresh air across drive bays that may not have direct airflow.
Otherwise the opposite of that would be a "positive pressure system" would have more intake air flow than exhaust, leading to the heated air inside the case naturally wanting to "get out" - again a good thing, but, what is not a good thing is that you have real direct control over getting the hot air out of your case, and maybe leading to hotspots, or pools of hot stagnant air not able to go anywhere. Still, all a learning curve.

however, i wouldn't want two fans right next to each other running opposite airflow, as unless you have some sort of separator or airflow re-direction on the outside of the case, you may end up just re-cycling the hot exhausted air back into the case again - especially if the machine is under a desk or something. Ideally you want the airflow in the case to go across something hot - so an in-and-out setup across the top of your case, could do well for your CPU and VRM's, just maybe want to think about some ducting across the top of the case to not have the intake fan suck in the hot exhaust air.