May 30, 2012
Hello all.

I am ordering a system off cyberpower and will be running a sli 670 setup. I will most likely be going with the HAF 912 case. What fan would you recomend to support this?

Also, is liquid cooling a better choice? If so, what do you recomend?


Personally I would recommend a larger case to allow some serious airflow, a 912 isn't a big case and once you get that heat in there you have to get it out,
it wouldn't make much difference either way tbh, a decent aircooler will keep the chip cool,
and a liquid cooler is subject to the same trapped heat so isn't going to cool as effectively as it could under more favourable circumstances,
Ideal scenario, build your own and select the parts to suit, but with the Cbp system, I'd save money and extra disappointment and get the aircooler option in that chassis