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Question Fan or liquid

Mar 31, 2020
Wondering if I should keep using fan cooling or switch to liquid I run game i.e FFXV GTAV Skyrim (heavy on mods) and other large games and was wondering if I should invest into liquid. My specs are,
thermaltake - view 71 rgb atx full-tower
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gig gpu
ASUS prime x570-pro motherboard
DDR4 16gb ram

And if liquid any recommendations for the part and water or mineral oil?
do you mean switching to an AiO cooler or a custom loop?

the difference between an AiO and a good air cooler is negligible. it is more about aesthetics these days. if you don't mind the big tower of fins and fans covering your CPU socket the better air coolers will give you as good, some even better, temps than your average All in One liquid cooler.
It depends on how are your current temps. If they are acceptable, I do not really see any reason to go liquid. If you really want to go liquid cooling, consider an AIO for your CPU. Liquid cooling for the entire PC is something you should do if you are sure about it.