Fan set-up for Antec 300


Jan 13, 2009
I was wondering what the idea fan set-up for an Antec 300 would be.

It has space for two in the front and one on the side, back and top with the top being a 140mm and the rest 120.

Would it be a good idea to just slap a fan on each bay? Put strong fans in front and weak in back? Visa versa? etc...

Feel free to comment, especially if you have an Antec 300.

Also, planning on having a 4890 and a sunbeam contact freezer after market cooler in there if it makes a difference.
The case will have the top and rear fans already installed when you get it .

The power supply fan also sucks air out of the case at the back .

You probably dont need front fans but installing another one to blow cool air directly ar the hard drive couldnt be a bad idea .



Nov 17, 2008
I'm not sure additional fans are required, or how much they help, but I put 2 in the front of my Antec 300. Counting the fan on the video card, that is a total of 7 fans.