Apr 14, 2001
I just got a FORTRON350 FSP350-60PN RTL from new egg. I bought this psu because it has an adjustable fan speed and someone recommended it. The great thing is I cannot hear anything with it on the lowest setting.

My question is am I taking a risk running it that low and if so are there tests to find out just how high I need to set the fan speed?

My specs:
ASUS nForce "A7N266-VM AA"
xp2000 with Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu Pure Copper CPU Cooler
Generic Case
No pci slots in use.
I don't think the other components matter, but if they do let me know.

As always thanks in advance.

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Jul 20, 2002
I have the same , no problem on low speed , when load and temps increase the fan will speed up some to keep itself
cool , or else if it didn't speed up by itself when you have it at lowest fan setting it may get too hot & fail, which would lead to RMA
so , yes leave it at low fan speeds and not worry , enjoy the silence
this supply has a MTBF of 100k + hours (11+ yrs) & 3 yr warranty
no worries