Question Fan speed Ignoring fan curve and going to 5000 rpm

Mar 4, 2022
Hi im new on the forum but after some thoughts and searching the web i couldn't find a fix for my problem.
I got a rtx 2080 and when i game the temps get higher of course, but my fan rpm goes from idle to 5000 rpm and back.
So i installed Msi afterburner for a custom fan curve, but when i play a game and my temps get to around 76C my fan should be at 79% so i thought ok i finally fixed it but no my fan rpm still desides to go 5000rpm and then back to the curve. This was a while ago so i looked for another solution, maybe limiting the power or temperature? well it did the job when i limited it to around 73C, but my fps went crazy low. Im talking from 144 on apex legends to 60. (I got a i9-9900k) so i wasn't satisfied. So today i went back to limiting my power to 78C and for around 20 min it seemed to work but no it went back to 5000 Rpm and then it went back to the curve. And i just dont know how to fix this but i want it to be fixed.

One more thing, when i choose to set my fans to 100% it reaches the max of 4000rpm.

So if someone knows how to fix this problem or has any ideas please let me know.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Can you inspect the GPU's cooling assembly for any dirt/debris or clogged fins? If they are indeed clogged with dirt, then a cleaning is necessary. To also add, you could try and uninstall your GPU drivers using DDU then manually reinstalling your GPU driver with the latest version off of Nvidia's support site, in an elevated command. By elevated command, I mean Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

For the sake of relevance, it's best if you could parse the specs to your build like so:

If you're on Windows 10, please mention the version(not edition) of the OS. Please, mention the age of the PSU apart from it's make and model. BIOS version for your motherboard? As a side note, how is the airflow setup in your chassis? A picture of your innards should help us understand that last bit, two fold.